Perfume 101 : How to Choose the Perfect Fragrance for Day/Morning Wear  


As the day progresses the setting of the people also change. When you start over in the morning its brighter and warmer compared to a rather cooler night. As the day progresses so does the  fashion and the background setting.

When you buy a scent it is also essential to evaluate the time or the place where you will be using the scent. For example a strong perfume would be overpowering in a cosy office setting and may hamper your perception. This is the reason it is imperative to have two signature scents which you  can pull out efficiently in the day and in the night. You can definitely have a scent that works for both the day times but not at all times and events.

In the mornings people are usually in close contact with people be at work settings, school or college or even at the market. Overpowering and strong scents may put off people and may not dwell well with the temperatures outside. Fragrances that evaporate early and are lighter are the ones that are rather the top choice for morning perfumes. They comprise of accords that are citrusy, fruity , floral , fougere or aromatic. For morning scents you would want to choose scents that are cleaner, lighter and fresher.  The basic rule to be observed whilst buying morning perfumes is to choose ingredients that flatter the time of day and are of lighter concentrates for example Eau de Toilette are the most preferred options for morning perfumes.

Notes that are recommended for Summer Morning Perfumes: Orange, Ozonic, Beramot , Lemon, Lily of the Valley,  Rosemary and Jasmine.

Notes that are recommended for Winter Morning Perfumes: Ginger, Lemon, Cinnamon, Vetiver and Patchouli

Recommended Fragrances: Burberry Classic, Burberry Weekend, Davidoff Cool Water, Nautica Voyage, Candy by Prada, White Linen Estee Lauder and Dior Homme

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