What is Projekt Perfumery India? and Top 5 Designer Houses

What is Projekt Perfumery India?

Perfumery in ancient terms is a place where you can Simply Go and Sniff Perfumes.

Acquiring or Not has been always Secondary , Exploring Fragrances Is Primary.

Then came social Aspect to it when we started taking Pictures and making Review Videos we saw lot of people interacting and sharing their personal experiences.

That is what made Projekt Perfumery India, Where first Idea is to Share , Sniff and Explore.

Our USP - Largest Collection | 100% Authentic | Trust Since 2016 By Fragrance Collectors across India.

Explore Perfumery Here - https://perfumery.co.in/pages/app



Our USP - Largest Collection | 100% Authentic | Trusted Since 2016 By Fragrance Collectors across India| Guaranteed Delivery|  

Top Designer Perfume Houses in India

1. Giorgio Armani Top seller Acqua Di Gio + Flankers


2. Yves Saint Laurent


3. Hermes - Terre D Hermes


4. Christian Dior - Sauvage EDT


5. Tom Ford - Tom Ford Ombre Leather


Special Mention - Chanel



So What are Topselling Niche fragrance Brands In India,

No. 1 Creed - With Creed Aventus , Creed remains one of most searched brands on Perfumery.


No. 2 Maison Francis Kurkdjian - With Francis Kurkdjian being signed by Christian Dior and MFK Taken over by LVMH - This brand is a must grab wherever you see a deal.


No. 3 Roja Dove haute Perfumerie - Came in Spotlight for Exhubriant Prices , Roja perfimes start from 15k or $200 and Go upto $2000 .


No. 4 Tom Ford Prive Collection Oud Wood


No. 5 Xerjoff - Italian House of Xerjoff


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