Dunhill : Top 5 Recommendations For Men

Alfred Dunhill Limited, famously designated and styled as “Dunhill” is a British Luxury Goods Brand, based in London. The company specializes in custom bespoke Men’s wear accompanying with accessories and leather goods. The brand’s moral focus was to emphasize on male luxury. Along with the other products on the marketing list, the company then licensed Inter Parfums Inc. to offer fragrances under the Dunhill Label. The brand’s first fragrance, “The Original Dunhill for Men” was launched in the year 1934. The label has produced only one women’s perfume, “Desire” in 2001, until today. Dunhill fragrances were made in collaboration with perfumers Maurice Roucel, Carlos Benaim, Olivier Gillotin, Gerard Anthony and appreciably more.
Here are some top recommendations from this fragrance line for Men :
Alfred Dunhill:
The perfume is a blend of Oriental woody notes for Men. “Dunhill” by Alfred Dunhill was offered in the year 2003. The fragrance is an example of a masculine floral scent. The scent has dominating notes of lavender, iris and jasmine. The perfume gives out the chills of an old barber shop in the early 90s, with the tone of lavender and tuberose as the occupied fragrance. It’s a very good choice for long office hours. The scent starts off with geranium, citrus and mild lavender notes. Base notes of the fragrance have Tonka bean, sandalwood and musk. The perfume is one of the classics from the label “Dunhill”.
Top Notes : Lemon, Lavender, Clary Sage and Geranium
Middle Notes : Orris Root, Cedar, Rose, Jasmine, Carnation and Iris
Base Notes: Tonka Bean, Oakmoss, Sandalwood, Musk, Cedar, Leather and Vetiver
Classification : Oriental Woody
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Alfred Dunhill Desire For A Man :
The label launched “Desire for a Man” in the year 2000. As the name suggests, the flacon ought to be very desirous and eye catchy in nature, with the dominating blood red color. The perfume was a signature for men who would love to be the centre of attention amongst women. The main accords of the scent are citrusy, fruity and fresh rose with vanilla. The initial spray consists of apple, orange and lemon notes. The notes are pleasant and a bit synthetic. The dry down of the fragrance has a rose-wood touch on the skin. The perfume is a modern, refreshing, masculine yet synthetic scent.
Top Notes : Lemon, Neroli, Bergamot and Apple
Middle Notes : Teak Wood, Rose and Patchouli
Base Notes : Vanilla and Musk
Classification : Oriental Woody
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Alfred Dunhill Edition :
The perfume is an Aromatic Fougere fragrance for men. The main accords of this fragrance are woody spicy, citrusy and floral. The perfume was created by Alain Astori. The scent smells like a well crafted cigar. It’s more like a connection between a young spoiled boy and a mature man brought together. It is a well blended green, fresh scent for spring days. The perfume is an explicit example of old school woody scents. The fragrance is one of the best selling from the label.
Top Notes : Nutmeg, Amalfi Lemon, Lavender and Bergamot
Middle Notes : Lily of the valley, Geranium, Carnation, Jasmine, Cyclamen and Clary Sage
Base Notes : Tonka Bean, Cedar, Fir, Amber, Vetiver and Oak moss
Classification : Aromatic Fougere
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Alfred Dunhill Icon :
The label launched a new fragrance line for men in the year 2015. “Icon” lingers to be a classic masculine, luxurious and sophisticated perfume for men from the house of Dunhill. The creator of this rich classic scent is Carlos Benaim. The perfume opens with sharp citrusy accords. The dominant notes are Neroli and Petitgrain. The scent has a soft touch of juniper and lavender as well. The dry down is mildly sweet, woody and soft smoky. The fragrance is highly versatile.
Top Notes : Petitgrain, Neroli, Black pepper and Bergamot
Middle Notes : Cardamom, Sage, Juniper Berries, Lavender and Black pepper
Base Notes : Oakmoss, Leather, Iris, Agarwood (oud) and Vetiver
Classification : Woody Aromatic
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Alfred Dunhill Desire Blue :
The perfume is another classic from the fragrance line “Desire” from the house of Dunhill. The fragrance belongs to the house of Aromatic green. The perfume is a mixture of fruity notes like litchi, orange, bergamot. The base of the scent consists of musk, Tonka Bean and amber. The scent has an oceanic sour vibe in it. The perfume is a unique fragrance that maintains the masculine and soft sweet essence in men.
Top Notes : Mandarin Orange, Litchi, Bergamot and Lotus
Middle Notes : Brazilian Rosewood, Orange and Sea Notes
Base Notes : Musk, Amber. Benzoin and Tonka Bean
Classification : Aromatic Green
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