Ministry Of Cologne Review by Padmanabhan P


This article is mainly for those people who are on a tight budget, but want to experience high quality perfumery .
Ever felt that the perfume you wear is inferior ? or has your perfume been the reason of your lack of confidence when you have to approach people who use high end perfumes ? or have you ever felt yourself weak because you cannot afford those costly perfumes ? If the answer is yes , then this article is for you.
My journey with the ministry of cologne lines has been very interesting from its launch of their insanitiser line. I personally am a person who has tight budget for perfumes, but want to use very high end products. I was very skeptical about purchasing insanitiser as they were very costly compared to the sanitisers which were available in the market. I am very thankful to PPI and Nav perfumery for letting me sample up a bottle of insanitiser absolutely free of cost when I made a personalized request. The use of insanitisers changed the whole game though. They were so beautiful that I became the center of attraction when I used them amidst of other people who were very highly placed in the economic strata. They came to me and asked the source. I shared a portion of these with them free of cost. I was blown away because , though I got them free, the level of happiness I obtained when I shared the fortune with those people who uses the high end products and that too on their request and giving them for free as a mode of developing the relastionship , was so warming. The remaining stuff were stolen by sisters which gives a brother even more happiness. Sisters are crazy creatures. They open the cupboards as if it is their property and they just take what they want . Brothers cannot even question on it . But brothers in fact likes the activity too , is the real observation .
This kept me on the thought on how a quality fragrance can really change the game. Ministry of colognes were then introduced. The quality of juice were so high that I could get the confidence to stand against any high end perfumes. The best part of it is they are financially very affordable. There could be minor issues like bottle is not fancy or the sprayer is not professional or that they are mainly experiment products of PPI. For a person who is budget oriented should be able to compromise on the packaging or the fancy bottle is my personal opinion. We should be more oriented towards to product as such and what exactly can we do about the product.
Ministry of colognes competes with any perfume within the price range of INR 3000 , which is the the average price of well reputed designer fragrances. So, when you are spending around INR 500 and using a ministry of cologne product , the real feel you are getting is about a perfume which cost around INR 3000.
There are about 50 different fragrances to choose from , and doing a small math, if you are an average user of perfume , a bottle will last you around 2 months which makes the expense of around INR 250 per month. For a person who can afford 500 per month , can accumulate more more than 10 bottles of different flavours in a year time, which is a very impressive collection for a person who cannot spend much on perfumes.
Not only this , ministry of colognes products can be also used as deodorant , or as a bath rejuvenator ( 3-4 sprays in a bucket of warm water ) to help you experience some of the most luxurious levels of bathing, or as a room freshener when you are expecting a guest or for special occasions , or even as a sleep inducer during night , for its relaxing qualities.
Some of them are very high grade clones of some of the most prestigious fragrances like bodecia victorious, which even the high class society has to sample up before buying the full bottle , because of its cost. Tiger blend , instant fck, Pure Havana are some examples. Ever felt sad because you cannot own a creed aventus ? Try Birched alexa. There are many scents to choose from and almost everyone can find minimum 10 flavours of their liking from the list.
This article is inspired from my own personal experience and not from anyone else. I am a customer of PPI and I DO NOT SPEAK on behalf of PPI. This article is meant to help those people to take a decision, who are tight on their budget and yet want to try and use quality products .
 I thank PPI for this line and hope they will continue it for the benefit of people who cannot spend too much on perfumes.

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