Mugler : Top 5 Recommendations for Men

Thierry Mugler is a brand named after a French Fashion Designer as well as a photographer, Manfred Thierry Mugler. Mugler proved to be very keen and passionate towards learning new things. By the age of 14, Mugler was a professional ballet dancer and simultaneously also showed his best interests for interior designing. Mugler then moved to Paris, and later started working as a freelance designer for large fashion houses in Milan, Paris, Barcelona and London at the age of 26. Mugler’s first women collection was launched in 1973 followed by  men’s collection launched in 1978. Along with the love of fabrics, Mugler was quite fond of fragrances as well. His first perfume “Angel” proved to be a massive success, most prominently due to the combination of praline and chocolate mixed with a strong accord of patchouli.
Here are some top recommendations from this fragrance line for Men :
Mugler A* Men Pure Malt

Mugler A* Men Pure Malt was created and released in 2009 in the honor of Traditional Scottish Whiskey. It’s very well known for its smoky, woody-spicy aromas. This unique composition makes the fragrance rich, sophisticated as well as elegant in its own element. Pure Malt is also known to have a boozy fragrance, that differentiates it from the other fragrances.
Top Notes : Bergamot, Orange, Fruity Notes
Middle Notes : Cedar, Coffee, Whiskey, Malt, Patchouli
Base Notes : Vanilla, Musk, Peat, Amber
Classification : Oriental Woody
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Mugler A* Men

A* Men Mugler is named after “Angel men”  the first perfume for men by Thierry Mugler. It offers an unexpected combination of fiery and woody notes. A very powerful fragrance for men be it day or night. The perfect mix of Yin and Yang with the sweet caramel, chocolate blending with vanilla.
Top Notes : Fruity and Spicy Notes, Coriander, Mint, Lavender, Green Notes and Bergamot
Middle Notes : Cedar, Milk, Jasmine, Honey, Caramel, Patchouli, Lily of the valley
Base Notes : Amber, Tonka Bean, Coffee, Patchouli, Vanilla, Benzoin, Musk and Sandalwood
Classification : Oriental Woody
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Mugler A* Men Pure Tonka

A* Men Pure Tonka launched as a new limited edition by Thierry Mugler in the chain of A* Men fragrances from 1996. A* Men Pure Tonka released in 2016. This one comprises of a subtle combination of fresh lavender and tonka beans. It’s a blend of coffee and mint as well. The scent gives a different warmth , hence very versatile and preferable during winters.
Top Notes : Mint
Middle Notes : Lavender
Base Notes : Vanilla, Coffee, Patchouli, Licorice and Tonka Bean
Classification : Oriental Fougere
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Mugler A* Men Pure Havane

A* Men Pure Havane was launched in May 2011. Pure Havane is about balance. The smoky scent captures the aromatic flavor of tobacco and cigars. It also comprises of vanilla and bitter cocoa tones. Experience a very mild and subtle scent with this fragrance. With the aromatic flavor of tobacco, its essence is long lasting. It creates an impression of a determined and well organized men.
Top Notes : White Honey and Tobacco
Middle Notes : Cacao, Patchouli and Vanilla
Base Notes : Amber, Styrax and French Labdanum
Classification : Oriental Vanilla
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Mugler A* Men Ultra Zest

After a phenomenal success of the elegant, subtle fragrances by Thierry Mugler, A* Men Ultra Zest is a completely different edition. This fragrance is highly versatile, citrusy and juicy in nature, unusual mix of citrus blasts with the blend of chocolate. The shape and color of the bottle itself represents the freshness and passion of the fruits, undoubtedly true to its mixing elements.
Top Notes : Mint, Ginger, Blood Orange and Tangerine
Middle Notes : Black Pepper, Cinnamon and Coffee
Base Notes : Patchouli, Tonka Bean and Vanilla
Classification : Woody Spicy
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