TrueWood By Kannauj Perfumery 100ml Parfum
Kannauj Perfumery

TrueWood By Kannauj Perfumery 100ml Parfum

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TrueWood By Kannauj Perfumery

The Combination of 5 Woods , Which Creates a Divine Aura and Projection.

Natural Mysore Sandalwood

Natural Australian Sandalwood

Guaiac Wood ,

Natural African Sandalwood and

Himalayan Cedarwood

Plus Speciality Molecule 5% to Enhance Performance of Natural Ingredients which makes this Sandalwood Bliss Last Forever..

The Story Unfolds in Jungles of Mysore where the Bandit King Veerappan Hails.

The Person who is sole Responsible for Making Mysore Sandalwood Popular Worldwide and more then that He was Considered Robinhood by Localites but Declared Bandit By Govt...moreover, We Still Enjoy the Divine Sweet Wood remembering the Legends of Mysore

Number 571444 Signifies the Zipcode of the Mysore Town .

The Man who made Mysore Popular for Sandalwood and Credited for being Mischievous in Jungles of South India.

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