Mancera: Top 5 Recommendations for Women


Pierre Montale conceived this brand in 2008. The brand marked a beautiful collaboration between a father and daughter.

Mancera offers a typical French Aesthetic of an eccentric , extraordinary  perfumery , in result of its luxurious inspirations and perfectionism .

Pierre Montale dreamt of creating a line that evokes the purity of the form of fragrance, stylisation of the prints and the richness in materials of the flask.

Some of the best perfumes for women from the house of Mancera are :

Roses Vanille

The perfume is a sugary candy veiled in a rose syrup a merger of sweet accords melted into a rich floral coat. The sweetness does not overpower the perfume but is rather light and enjoyable throughout the journey.

  • Top Notes: Lemon and Water notes
  • Heart Notes: Rose and Sugar
  • Base Notes: White Musk , Sugar , Vanilla , Cedar
  • Classification: Oriental Vanilla

Indian Dream:

Indian dream is a soft and luxurious skin like scent that has a spicy floral tone to it. A warm and femine scent that is a perfect everyday wear perfume.  The perfume has a textured floral opening followed by sweet woody and spicy aromatic heart and base.

  • Top Notes: Orange Blossom, Heliotrope and Geranium
  • Heart Notes: Rose , Amber and Jasmine
  • Base Notes: Vanilla, Vetiver, White Musk and Sandalwood
  • Classification: Oriental Floral

Aoud Café


Aoud Cafe by Mancera is an Oriental Vanilla fragrance for both women and men. It is a real delight for the coffee lovers. This unusual fragrance is a rich mixture of scents. The combination of amber-backed brew, juicy blackcurrant, light florals and a sweet, musky highlight the deep nuanced coffee accord that successfully captures the delicate aroma of actual roasted coffee beans. The result is a unique, sweet, rich, warm and invigorating, just like a tray of gourmet candies laid out next to a double espresso.

  • Top Notes: Peach, Blackcurrant, Bergamot.
  • Heart Notes: Amber, Floral Notes, Coffee.
  • Base Notes: White Musk, Sweet Notes and Woody Notes.
  • Classification: Oriental Vanilla.


Lemon Line

Mancera’s Lemon Line opens with a beautiful projection of citruses.  A burst of Orange is caressed by the zesty Lemon.  A lemon candy that is addictive and enjoyable. A luxurious Lavender is at play at the top . Oakmoss and the floral bouquet of zingy Geranium and a tender Jasmine amplify the sweetness of the perfume while still maintaining its freshness quotient.

  • Top Notes: Lavender, Orange and Lemon
  • Heart Notes: Geranium, Amber and White Flowers
  • Base Notes: Oakmoss and White Moss
  • Classification: Citrus Aromatic


Black Gold


This is a leather beauty by Mancera. Introduced in 2017 and curated by Pierre Montale, this redolence is a classic . With the exquisite accords of Rose and oud making up the perfume, this makes up a deep, seductive and carnal blend . The perfume is a spice bomb and a powerhouse of a performer.

  • Top Notes: Nutmeg, Cinnamon , Lavender , Oud , Citruses
  • Middle Notes: Patchouli , Sea Notes , Rose , Violet , Jasmine
  • Base Notes: White musk , Amber , Leather, Woody notes , Vetiver
  • Classification: Leather


A few other notable mentions include: Roses and Chocolate, Instant Crush and Roses Greedy

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