Perfume 101 : How to Choose the Perfect Fragrance for Evening Wear


When the day starts melting into the night, the scents that abound you also change. The temperature decreases and the stress from work starts to simmer down as well. This leads to an uptick in the mood from a rather lousy and stressful afternoon. This time of the day is not as energetic as the morning but is a notch higher than the dampened spirits in the afternoon.

Evening moods are very live in the moment like as the day is about to end as compared to the morning mood where your thinking is futuristic as to how your day will go on. This also helps in defining the scents that will enliven your spirits and are well suited for the surroundings you will be in through the night.

Evening scents are usually heavier , smokier and muskier scents that last longer and are more evident  than perfumes used in the mornings. They have a little more heft to it and thus are better suited for evening wear where the projection and sillage are supposed to be strong .

Evening scents can are bifurcated into two categories:

  1. Scents that are stronger and that make your presence felt. These are scents which are usually adorned when you are out for say dinners or concerts or maybe evening strolls.
  • Notes that are recommended for summer: Vanilla, Bergamot, Amber, Neroli, Caramel, Black tea
  • Notes that are recommended for winter: Cedar, Tobacco, Musk, Oud, Suede, Oak moss, Toffee
  1. Scents of the evening can also be ones that induce calm after a long hectic day and are usually used at night right before heading into dreams.

  • Notes Recommended: Chamomile, Lavender, Jasmine, Cedar and Rose

Recommended Fragrances: , Tobacoo Vanille by Tom Ford, Versace Oud Noir, Creed Royal Oud, Angel by Mugler Black Orchid by Tom Ford, Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin, Frederic Malle Rose & Cuir, Code by Armani


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