Hugo Boss: Top 5 Recommendations for Women


Hugo Boss AG, eminently styled as “BOSS” is a German Luxury fashion house based in Metzingen, Germany. It was founded in the year 1924 by Hugo Boss and since then is considered to be a prominent leading clothing label in the world. Along with clothing, the house produces accessories, footwear and fragrances. The label is diverged into two cores, “Hugo” and “Boss”. The fragrances from the house for men and women are launched under both brands. The first fragrance was launched in 1985. It was launched as “Boss Number One” for men. Chris Hemsworth has been the face of the perfume “Hugo Boss: Boss Bottled”. The brand’s fragrance production is in conjunction with Proctor and Gamble Prestige. 
Here are some top recommendations from this fragrance line for Women: 
Hugo Boss Femme: 
Boss Femme by Hugo Boss is a very lustrous and dazzling scent for women. The perfume is a blend of citrus and floral accords. It is emphasized on modern sophisticated women. Their simplicity, calmness, youthful fresh joyful aura is a must in the scent. The opening of the perfume is with tangerine, freesia and black currant. The heart notes of the fragrance are on the floral side with lily, jasmine and Bulgarian rose. The fragrance has a very bright, innocent yet charming compulsion over the skin. One can use this scent as a date night scent as well. 
Top Notes : Tangerine, Freesia and Black Currant
Middle Notes : Bulgarian Rose, Jasmine and Lily
Base Notes : Lemon Tree, Apricot and Amber
Classification : Floral Fruity
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Hugo Boss: Boss Woman
After the massive success of Hugo Woman, the label created “Boss Woman”. It is an initiative focusing on the modern women youth. The chic factor in modern women is very distinctive. The dominant accords of the scent are tropical, fruity, floral and woody powdery. The perfume is quite sparkly and shimmery. The shape of the flacon is also very unique and different from most of the others from the label. It is shaped in a semi circle bottle with an appealing color. The scent is clean, soft and chic feminine. A must have piece in your wardrobe. 
Top Notes : Mango and Mandarin Orange
Middle Notes : Freesia and Violet Root
Base Notes : Sandalwood and White Cedar Extract
Classification : Floral Fruity
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Hugo Boss Deep Red:
“Deep Red” was one of the prominent fragrances produced from the label. The perfume belongs to the fragrance family of Oriental Vanilla. The accords of this beautiful scent are warm spicy, woody, fruity, powdery with vanilla. The opening notes are pear, orange and Clementine. The vanilla essence in the perfume is quite similar to the vintage vanilla scents. The color of the perfume is very eye catchy and attractive. It has the base of clean, heavy soothing musk. The perfume is very radiant and appealing to naked eye. 
Top Notes : Pear, Mandarin Orange, Blood Orange, Black Currant and Clementine
Middle Notes : Ginger Flower, Hibiscus Seed, Tuberose, Freesia and Ginger
Base Notes : Vanilla, Musk, Cedar and Sandalwood
Classification : Oriental Vanilla
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Hugo Boss: Boss Orange
Boss Orange for women is an enchanting scent launched by Hugo Boss in the year 2009. The face behind this blissful fragrance is Sienna Rose Miller. The perfume attracted a lot of attention due to its advertising face. The perfume is an intriguing feminine fragrance highlighting the natural and bold spirit in women. The scent opens with sweet charming apple notes. The heart of the scent is a floral composition of African Orange Flowers and Orange Flower. The fragrance has a vanillic base with sandalwood’s soothing presence. 
Top Notes : Red Apple
Middle Notes : African Orange Flowers and Orange Flower
Base Notes : Olive Tree, Sandalwood and Vanilla
Classification : Floral
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Hugo Boss: Hugo Woman
Hugo Woman a classic original from the label house of Hugo Boss. The perfume is determined and calculative in nature. The women emphasized over this fragrance tend to be very focused and oriented over their goals and life. Women who do not believe in giving up, instead they don’t hesitate to pick up a fight for the truth. The slogan behind the fragrance stated “Don’t imitate, innovate”. The perfume has a fresh sweet fragrance with a touch of spice. The accords are aquatic, woody, fruity and floral. A successful woman’s “go to” perfume. 
  • Top Notes : Papaya, Granny Smith’s Apple, Cassis, Melon, Cyclamen, Peach and Oak Moss
  • Middle Notes : Lily, Water Hyacinth, Jasmine and Orris Root
  • Base Notes : Resin, Orchid, Vanilla, Virginia Cedar, Amber and Sandalwood
  • Classification : Floral Fruity
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