Jean Paul Gaultier : Top 5 recommendations for Men

Jean Paul Gaultier is a French fashion designer whose first collection was presented in 1976.  The first perfume of the Gaultier house was launched in 1993—the famous Jean Paul Gaultier EDP for women, whose name was subsequently changed to Classique. Classique was followed by Le Male in 1995, and Fragile in 1999. All of them were known for their peculiar packaging and unusual compositions. Limited edition flankers have been released for many of the fragrances, featuring new "fashions" for the bottles. Jean Paul Gaultier produces fragrances in conjunction with Beaute Prestige International.
Some of the top recommendations from this fragrance house for men include:
Le Male

Jean Paul Gaultier is definitely one of the strongest fragrance companies out in the world and it speaks quality and everything is at it's place, creating all of these fragrances that can absolutely make you addicted. Gaultier Le Male is a very popular fragrance, based on Citruses that have blended together with Cinnamon, Violet and Sandalwood along with Tonka bean.
Top Notes: Mint, Artemisia, Bergamot
Heart Notes: Cinnamon, Violet
Base Notes: Cedar, Tonka Bean, Sandalwood
Classification: Woody Spicy
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Kokorico by Jean Paul Gaultier is a powerful, masculine dynamic, aphrodisiac fragrance: the raw cocoa beans and the greeny patchouli collide together with the light freshness of the fig leaf at the top and livens up the timeless elegant virginia cedar and vetiver mix in the base.Kokorico _ í«̴å£ s striking and unique bottle with a trick of the unusual optical illusion of man's eye when face is shown from the front that turns into a sexy and virile torso when looked in profile. Black, red and feathers are flamboyant, cocky and dramatic elements of inspiration for both the package and the campaign design.
Top Notes: Fig Leaf
Middle Notes: Patchouli and Cacao
Base Notes: Virginia Cedar and Vetiver
Classification: Woody Aromatic
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Ultra male

Described as overwhelmingly handsome and more intense than ever, Gaultier Ultra Male is remarkably different from Le and it is more on the oriental side as opposed to the classically masculine foug The legendary perfumer behind this fragrance, Francis Kurkdjian, brings the original 1995 version up to date with a composition that is incredibly modern.The opening is juicy, sticky and candied, with a rich blast of fresh citrusy notes including bittery lemon and bergamot notes, sweet pear, lavender and liquorice. Ultra Male heart is filled with cinnamon and caraway, creating a spicy, and seductive blend of cosy warmth. There enough roughage around the edges some black vanilla husk and astringent patchouli to give the scent more rugged feel. Underneath all of this is a subtle touch of clary sage and mint in the background. The base is sweetly warmed by amber and a dry, sharp cedar notes.
Top Notes: Bergamot, Pear, Mint, Lavender and Lemon
Middle Notes: Cinnamon, Clary Sage and Caraway
Base Notes: Black Vanilla Husk, Amber, Cedar and Patchouli
Classification: Oriental Fougere
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Le Male Popeye Eau Fraiche

Jean Paul Gaultier as a Tradition launches Eau Fraiche dedicated to Popeye "The Sailor" - The Super Fresh and Ultra clean fragrance.
Top Notes: Mint, Neroli , Aldehydes
Heart Notes: Clary Sage , Ambroxan
Base Notes: Vanilla,Sandalwood, Tonka Beans
Classification: Fresh , Vanilla
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 Le Male Essence De Parfum

Le Male Essence de Parfum is an oriental fougere developed by perfumer Quentin Bisch.It has quite sensual, nice and warm touch, less powdery and sweeter than Le Male. Leathery heart is joined with a calming lavender, spiced with sage and cinnamon, lending the zesty bergamot and cardamom a warm touch. It dries down in nice costus, balsamic amberwood, vanilla, musk and coumarin smelling of almonds, vanilla and freshly-mown hay.Here Jean Paul Gaultier reinvented his popular perfume Le Male and Classique in cooperation with Puig, turning them into new creations with an elegant touch of sophistication. Offered in a uniquely shaped male torso, this time with broader shoulders and more narrow hips than the original one.
Top Notes: Bergamot, Cardamom, Artemisia and Pepper
Middle Notes: Cinnamon, Lavender, Leather and Sage
Base Notes: Costus, Amberwood, Coumarin, Vanilla and Musk
Classification: Oriental Fougere
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