Perfume 101- What Are Artisan Perfumes ?


Many times perfume lovers overlook the divisions in the perfume industry. The designer market overshadows the local and niche perfume market and thus many a times is only frequented by connoisseurs. Widely the perfume industry is divided into two major chunks Designer and Niche. There however are a few subdivisions that go down this fragrant road. Artisan perfume is one branch of this fragrance tree which has roots in India as well.

What sets the apart from designer perfumes?

Artisan as the name goes is something that is curated or conceived in a traditional manner or simply put in a non-mechanized way. Artisan perfumes are crafted and put together by hands and are made in smaller quantities by methods that are traditionally handed down over generations of perfumers.The demonstration & technique of putting together a hand woven scent is something that comes with practice.  Unlike designer perfumes that are made at mass producing factories and some niche perfumes that are machine crafted, these perfumes set themselves apart by being purely hand crafted.

Master Crafters:  Artisan perfumes are put together by perfumers who possess the talent, skill and nose for an intensive task as this one. Their skill set demands for them to possess the technique of layering complimenting notes atop each other to render a beautiful timeline of a redolence. The layering helps establish the uniqueness of the perfume making it a signature scent of the perfumer.

Concentration of the perfume:  Artisans bottling up their handmade scents are keen to always keep the concentrate of the perfume oil higher in their redolence’s. The blend is usually of ingredients that  are sourced naturally and come mostly from botanical.  These ingredients include precious oils taken from delicate flowers and petals, along with a few extracts from products like coffee beans, butter, and many a gourmand items. The array is wide and open to experimentation based on the unique concoction the perfumer wants to bottle for the customers.

Market Presence: The availability of artisan perfumes is comparatively difficult as they are produced on a smaller scale and are exclusively made available for people who know about it and /or are perfume aficionados . Usually found at perfume boutiques ,artisan perfumes do require a revival in the fragrance economy of India.

Quality of the perfume: These perfumes are veiled in essences which spell Luxury in capital. The top , heart and base of the these perfumes are luscious and  the opulence of the organic accords give the perfume a more authentic touch compared to engineered synthetic fragrances. It is the distillation process which is the key difference between the quality and longevity of a perfume. One of the problems with today's designer fragrances is by the time you have put them on, and gone to where you are going, most of the notes have evaporated on the journey.


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