#Portfolio - Kannauj Perfumery and Perfumologist Made in UAE

Our First Portfolio Brand is Kannauj Perfumery!
City of Kannauj Has an ancient legacy for crafting Attars!
With Kannauj Perfumery what we have tried to do is hit the chord of Modern Perfume Using Audience and provide them Attar Experience in Modern Perfume Format.
Blend # 1 - Trifecta Lotus - Combination of Pink , Blue and White Lotus
Blend # 2 Trifecta Lotus Oud - Trifecta Lotus with Hindi Oud
Blend # 3 - Honey Aoud
 Blend # 4 - Jasmine Nuit - A Natural Recreation of Chanel No 5 - Dark Version
Blend # 5 - Mushq Oud - Holy Grail Oud Fragrance
What is Projekt Alternative?

Lets say you want to acquire Creed Aventus - That Costs 28k to 35k

Which a lot of us would not like to spend on a Cologne.

Then Comes Alexa , Which is Projekt Alternative of Creed Aventus.

Which Delivers 90-95% Scent profile Match , a 5-10% Twist by Perfumologist to make it a Notch above and boost the Performance.

As US/UK/EU Have a very Fragrance Favourable weather while Indian Weather is not so Fragrance Friendly.

All Projekt Alternatives are concentrated and made to Last in Indian heat!

Rouge 666 -
Instant Vintage 668
Nocturnal Oud

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