Gate Of KunLun 2.0 By Projekt Alternative
Gate Of KunLun 2.0 By Projekt Alternative
Gate Of KunLun 2.0 By Projekt Alternative
Gate Of KunLun 2.0 By Projekt Alternative

Gate Of KunLun 2.0 By Projekt Alternative

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Let's roll on a journey through our natural settings - green valleys and silver mountains, with the best version of ourselves

Speaking of silver mountains, how can we not know about the iconic scent Silver Mountain Water from the house of Creed? Not only does Creed have a long history, but they also revolutionised perfumery with their success over the last decade. From the prestigious house of Creed, Silver Mounatin Water stands out as one of the perfumes which one wears to feel a vibe of dark green forests and gentle droplets of waterfall. A natural setting which man admires.

Humans are social beings. Their natural setting lies in a tribe or a family - and hence, scents like these are preferred at a gathering of our own people. It gives us a vibe of being at our preferred natural setting.

We do love our favourite natural places and perfumery is something which immediately takes you on a journey, thanks to our memory. Today, we relive the feeling of being in the lap of nature through our latest creation, the Gate of KunLun.

Inspired by Creed's Silver Mountain Water, the Gate of KunLun takes you on a ride to the mystical waterfalls in the uncharted territories of the Kunlun range. The perfume aims to open a gate between man, burdened in his current place and the free man, running with his spirits through forests and waterfalls.

It's sweet metallic and ambergris opening exudes a sense of belonging somewhere close to waterfalls. The faint bergamot reminds us of our natural settings - somewhere in the hills or forests under overcast skies. The musk evens it, representing man in a natural setting which he admires the most.Gate Of KunLun 2.0 By Projekt Alternative

Inspired By -Creed Silver Mountain Water

Notes -Ambergris , Musk , Rosemary , Rose , Bergamot

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