Mushq Aoud By Kannauj Perfumery Parfum
Mushq Aoud By Kannauj Perfumery Parfum
Kannauj Perfumery

Mushq Aoud By Kannauj Perfumery Parfum

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"Mushq Aoud"

Welcome to Dark World of Olfactory Alchemy:

Trinity Musk, Tabac, Leather, Ambrette, Birch, Saffron, Animalic, Pink Pepper, Benzoin, Woody, Hindi Oud, Srilankan Oud, indian Incense, Smoky, Ambery, Ambergris, Labdanum, Myrrh, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Rum Accord, Nutmeg, Herbal Notes , Tuberose, Jasmin Sambac, Taif Rose

The Glorious Gatha :ξ
Here the Mushq Oud in Title is not Musk But ö_¬ö«�ö__ö«�ö_´ which means the Leather Water Bags , Travellers Used to carry on Camels in Deserts.

Camels Play an Important Role in Ancient Perfumery - How? First they play an important Cultural Role in Middle East - Same Way the Eagle for United States.

Also Camel Skin was Utilised to Macarate or to Age Attars , Same Way Oak Barrels were used in producing finest Malts.

How the Very First Batch of Malt , Aged in wood Barrel used for very First time(Like a Virgin). Adds a Woody Aroma to the Malt.

Same Way the Very First batch of Mushq Oud , Aged in Traditional Leather Vessels made from Camel Skin Adds a Unique Leathey Aroma which is Impeccable and Very tough and ancinet technique to achieve leather naturally in this Oud Blend.

Apart from that Mushq Oud deploys use of hand distilled Oud from Assam , India and Sustainability produced Our "Trinity Musk" Base(Deer Musk + Castorium + Civet Musk) to give you an Ultimate Masculine and Soul Awakening Blend.

This Blend plays pure magic on your skin and is Kannauj Perfumery's Promise that this is the most complex Blend coming out from any form of Artisnal Perfumery.

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